If you’re wondering whether you should print using a USB or network connection, there’s a simple answer. If at all possible, print using network!

While USB printing is absolutely fine, network printing is easier than you think and has several added benefits. Let’s first discuss those benefits, and then find out how easy it is to print with a network connection.

  1. Network printing gives you access to some of our printer's Embedded Web Server (EWS). The EWS can be viewed in any browser (i.e, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, or Safari) by typing in the printer’s IP address. From the EWS you can monitor print jobs and ink levels; view critical printer information such as Serial Number and Firmware Version; set up an email notification system, and even control certain printer parameters. Unfortunately there is currently no way to access the EWS via a USB connection.
  2. Network printing allows you to more easily manage your printer connection. If you choose to print over USB, you must remember which USB port you selected. Plugging the cable into a different USB port will require a different driver instantiation. This can be rather confusing because it can quickly become unclear as to which USB driver connects to which physical port. Your PC will likely only have a single network port, eliminating this problem. (Ahh, but there lies the rub. Some PC’s have NO network ports. We’ll get to that.)
  3. We offer tools that can communicate with the printer over network.  MaQeo offers a printer monitoring tool, that can monitor the state of your printer and its print jobs. This tool can restart a print job where it left off in the event of a printer error state such as media out or ink out. The tool also provides other basic tracking information such as job logging and supply tracking.