1 - What is small batch printing?

Print of less than 50,000 pages rather than large volume printing can be determined as small batch printing. AP2 Pro is equipment that helps instant printing of various labels when requested.

2 - What is price of AP2 Pro?

Contact us at info@maqeo.com for detailed information.

3 - What is max printing speed of AP2 Pro?

AP2 Pro prints roll papers at 9m per minute and 1.3 m labels in general resolution. It is recommended that you measure speed in hand by printing out samples as the result may vary depending on a type of paper, resolution, data volume, and printing type.

4 - How many labels can AP2 Pro print out within an hour?

Supposing that it prints labels at 5m per minute, 10 4X2 images can be printed on A4 paper and 20 A4 papers can be printed out per minute so approx. 200 labels can be printed out per minute which can be 12,000 labels per hour.

5 - Is pre-cut labels supported?

AP2 Pro can print using pre-cut label. It prints images on exact location by using black mark and gap sensor. However, there might be some limitation on size of label if scrap paper is removed from the label.

6 - What type of paper can be used?
Vellum paper, art paper, and certified PET and PP paper can be used.

7 - What width of roll media can be used?
AP2 Pro supports 3 types of media, 4, 6, 8 inch. It prints each different size of media using dedicated engines and those engines are crucial part that can guarantee quality of label printing.

8 - Up to what width of label can be printed out?
Maximum width of label for printing is 209mm.

9 - What type of RIP is AP2 Pro using?
AP2 Pro is using WASATCH RIP or Compose RIP. Visit www.wasatch.com or www.compose.com.hk for further details on RIP.

10 - What are functions of RIP?
RIP provides CMS(color management system) which helps improving quality of label printing. Additionally, it supports variable data works such as bar code, QR code, serial numbering, etc.

11 - What is maximum diameter and weight of roll which can be mounted?
Max diameter of roll is supported up to 30cm; up to 10 kg of roll can be mounted on un-winder and re-winder. If a customer needs to mount over 1000 m length of roll, big-roll un-winding system is available for extra purchase.

12 - What meter of roll can be printed at one cycle of work?
It is depending on size of label. In general, up to 250 m of roll can be printed at one cycle.

13 - What are consumables for AP2 Pro?
Alike most of laser printers in market, transfer belt, fuser, drum, and toner need to be replaced when necessary.

14 - What is the warranty period?
1 year

15 - How much scrap paper can be reduced?
Even digital equipment cannot avoid some scrap papers generated at the end of printing work. While analogue printers make far more scrap papers, AP2 Pro is designed to reduce scrap paper to less than 5cm.

16 - What is printing process and how long does it take to prepare printing?
Printing process is Mounting paper-> Setting up image printing(AI or RIP software) -> Printing -> Collecting output and preparation time excluding actual printing time is less than a minute.

17 - How big should work space be?
AP2 Pro is 1620mm(L)*580mm(W)*480mm(H) big and can be used by using desktop PC in small office.

18 - What is duration for user training?
One-day training should be enough including hardware operating and software usage.

19 - Is it hard to mount roll media?
Media mounting for AP2 Pro is not complicated at all. It is super easy to mount media by pushing in and fixing it in un-winder bar.