1 - What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting system is contactless type cutting system using laser beam. Unlike other light, due to low scattering rate and high linearity, laser can concentrate large energy on small area. This concentrated energy is adjusted to desired location and cuts label media.

2 - How much is laser cutting faster compared to analogue equipment?
It is 20 times faster than contact type analogue cutter. Difference of speed is even larger when cutting label with complicated shape.

3 - What is price of Ultra AC-1?
Contact us at info@maqeo.com for more detailed information.

4 - Do you guarantee quality consistency when cutting the label?
One of benefits of laser cutting is to get equally high quality of output from repeated works. When using knife, abrasion of knife changes quality of cutting, but laser guarantees consistency of power for 10,000 hours, which lead to equal quality for label.

In addition, Ultra AC-1 provide even more accurate cutting by calibrating cutting location via vacuum pad, sensor, and vision system that minimize moving of paper.

5 - What are necessary peripherals for Ultra AC-1?
Ultra AC-1 requires fume extractor to eliminate smoke during cutting and air compressor to remove dust resided on paper. It is important to have right peripherals for work environment in order to maintain Ultra AC-1 in the best condition. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase genuine products from us in your local area.

6 - What types of media does Ultra AC-1 support?
Ultra AC-1 supports various types of papers including papers which can be used in Ultra AP-1 (Art paper, PP, and PET).

However, papers containing metal element cannot be used in Ultra AC-1.

7 - What functions does dedicated SW provide?
Dedicated SW is provided as plug-in for Illustrator. It provides various cutting, marking and hatching functions. For instance, you can mark bar-code, QR code and serial number on label.

8 - It supports half cutting and complete cutting at the same time. How does it work?
You can set up different cutting conditions for each layer using Ultra AC-1 SW.

It enables various cutting operation by adjusting strength and speed of laser.

9 - What is supported cutting size?
It can cut up to 200mm*1200mm size.

10 - What is width of roll which can be mounted in Ultra AC-1?
Up to 215mm wide roll can be mounted.

11 - What is maximum cutting speed of Ultra AC-1?
Max cutting speed is 18m/m. It is recommended that you measure speed in hand by cutting samples as the result may vary depending on a type of paper, and shape of label.

12 - What is lifespan of laser?
We guarantee 10,000 hours of lifespan for laser which means it can be used for 7 years by 6 hour operation per day.

13 - What is maximum diameter and weight of roll which can be mounted?
Max diameter of roll is supported up to 30cm; up to 10 kg of roll can be mounted.

14 - What are consumables for Ultra AC-1?
Brush to remove dust is only a consumable required for Ultra AC-1. It might be good to have cleaning tissue to clean lenses.

15 - What is warranty period?
1 year

16 - What is duration for user training?
Two days for user training and three days for reseller training.

17 - What other jobs can Ultra AC-1 do apart from cutting?
Apart from laser cutting, Ultra AC-1 can do laminating and removing scrap paper at the same time, delivering the best result for user.

18 - Isn't laser dangerous?
Ultra AC-1 is designed for high standard of user safety and stop working when user is exposed to hazard of laser beam. It means Ultra AC-1 is 100% safe for you and your co-workers.

19 - How big should work space be?
Ultra AC-1 is 1620mm(L)*630mm(W)*503mm(H) big and the first laser cutter which can be used by using desktop PC in small office.