1 - In the user manual, it states users have to calibrate once before start printing. However when I open the box and try to calibrate, it comes out “calibration completed” without screw abjection. What should I do next?

As deliver the best quality product to you, we have fully tested our operation, including calibration. Therefore in some situations, it may occurs as above, that means the printer has been already completed calibration and ready to start printing.

2 - When should I re-work the calibration?
Normally the calibration process should be done in one time only. However in some cases, we strongly recommend to re-calibrate when below situation occurs: - Move the printer to somewhere else - The filament cannot attach on the filament sticker You MUST re-work the calibration when below situation occurs: - Change parts, including nozzle and install printing bed PCB - Clearing Nozzle - Repairing the 3D Printer (adjusting any moving parts of the machine) CAUTION: If you do not calibrate after changing parts, clearing nozzle, or repairing 3D printer, the nozzle may be damaged.

3 - How to store unused filament?
If do not store the filament properly, the probability of printing failure will rise. Therefore, you should put the filament as the picture below, to avoid any printing failure problems caused by filament.

4 - What is print platform sticker? Why need to use it?
The print platform sticker that helps your print object stick to the build platform better. For PLA filament- PLA platform sticker (Blue paper sticker with 0.12mm thickness) For ABS filament- ABS platform sticker (White paper sticker with 0.07mm thickness).

5 - When no filament is extruded from nozzle during printing, what can we do?
Please ensure the filament wire is not be blocked by and check as below: 1) Is your filament tangles? Check the spool is spinning smoothly on the mount 2) Is the nozzle clogged? Try to extrude filament out by clicking "Filament Change" or "Filament Extrude" button, to extrude around 50-100mm filament, and then observe the filament whether drip straight down. 3) Is your extrude motor rotating? Open the protective cap in front of the extrude you can see the motor shaft. You should be able to see the shaft turning when the extrude is running.

6 - I cannot print out some models download from the internet, what should I do?

Usually those problems caused by incompatible STL, raft or support enabled or not, filament could not fit onto the sticker and unfinished calibration.

A) Some 3D STL files have to be fixed for fitting 3D printing. We recommend using the free website below to fix broken STL files before printing.https://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net/index.php

B) If you meet some parts that are not stick to the ground, like the photos shown below, we recommend ticking on "raft" and "support" to print, also selecting "Fine" under "Type" in the MaQeo software, to ensure the best printing quality.

C) If you find out the filament cannot stick to the print bed, we recommend to use 75% alcohol to tidy up the print bed before printing. That could help improving the sticker effectiveness. We also strongly recommend using PLA/ABS filament provided by A1 Pro to ensure filament can stick to the print bed properly.

D) Sometimes you may not calibrate the printer when moving to another location. We recommend calibrating after moving the printer.

7 - I find out some models look fine, but when I print it, there are artifacts. What should I do?
Usually those artifacts appear when you choose printing raft and support. We recommend using sandpaper and grinding tools to remove the artifacts.

8 - If the 3D model could not show in the 3D software, what should I do?
Please update your VGA driver. You could download your latest VGA driver from the link below: NVIDIA: http://www.geforce.com/drivers Intel: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/ AMD: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download

9 - I cannot print from Application software, input the file and nothing happens even after an hour.
A) Install the 3D Printer USB driver first, and it can be found in the "Application" folder of the bundled SD-Card, file name: "CDM v2.08.30 WHQL Certified.exe". 

B) After installing the USB driver, execute the "MaQeo" application program, it is located in "Application" folder as well.

C) Connect between the USB cable in PC USB port and 3D Printer MiniUSB port. 

D) Run the A1 Pro 3D Printer Windows Application, and click the "connect" button at the upper right corner of the program, USB Connection icon in application will be changed to "Green" color- it's ready for print in PC Application.

1o - When I turn on the 3D printer first time, I find out the motor is not working properly, why?

As to ensure your printer is properly transported to your home, we have added removable belt clip when your printer comes out from the factory. Therefore you should remove the belt clip before.