The A2 Plus comes in reusable, durable packaging that has been specially designed to protect your A2 Plus in transport. To properly unpack your A2 Plus, please follow the steps described below.

1 - Start unboxing

After having opened the cardboard box in which your A2 Plus was delivered the unboxing can begin. Start unpacking by taking the A2 Plus out of the cardboard box.

2 - Removing the from packaging

In the foam part at the front side of your A2 Plus you will find a spool with PLA filament and a test print done on your A2 Plus. Take these out and put them aside. Open up the complete packaging by removing the two foam parts at the front and the back side. Now you can take out the A2 Plus and place it on your desk. Make sure you hold the A2 Plus on the frame and don't hold it on the belts or axes while carrying it.

3 - Removing pretection

There is some packaging material under the build plate. You can easily remove it by lifting the build plate with your hands. At last, cut the zip tie with which the print head is secured and your A2 Plus is ready to use!

4 - Whats included?

Supplied with your A2 Plus is an SD card in the 3D printer and several other accessories as well. This is everything you need to start printing.

1. Build bed

2. Spool holder

3. SD card

4. Power cord

5. USB cable

6. Toolkit